Test Sieves

We can supply test sieves professionally in kinds of standards, including ASTM E11, ISO 3310-1 and BS 410-1, Tyler Test Sieves.

Test Sieve products are produced in woven wire mesh , perforated sheet and chymic rusty mesh.

Material: stainless steel, brass and G.I Frames.

Application: In petroleum, chemical industry, cement, ceramics, pharmacy, metering, etc.

Each test sieve is supplied with a Serial Number and matching Test Sieve Certificate of Compliance.

Standard Sieves and Test Sieves:
Diameter: 5cm 6cm 8cm 10cm 20X5cm 30X5cm
Grading Sieves, Sieves for Grain, Medicine, etc.
Diameter: 10X5cm 15X5cm 20X5cm 25X5cm 30X6cm 40X7cm 45X7cm 50X9cm 60X10cm

Concrete Sieve:
Diameter: 15cm 13cm 17X5cm 20X5cm
Square Opening Sieves, Round Opening Sieves and Wire Mesh Sieves for Coal:
(Wooden frame opening: 0.2-100cm)
45X35X10cm 75X75X10cm 90X60X10cm

Test Sieves
Test Sieves 001
Test Sieves
Test Sieves 002
Test Sieves
Test Sieves 003
Test Sieves
Test Sieves 004

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